Beatrice (Bea) McGarvey
Biographical Sketch

Bea McGarvey

Bea McGarvey has consulted with educators throughout the United States and Canada in the areas of teaching and learning, leadership and organizational development.  Her knowledge and experience is a result of the thirty-year career she enjoyed in Maine schools - as a classroom teacher, as a middle school counselor and administrator, and as a district and state leader, including serving as Executive Director of Education for the Portland Public Schools in Portland, Maine and as President of Maine ASCD.

Bea received her B.S. and M.Ed. degrees from the University of Southern Maine and is proud to be a Partner in Total Leaders Associates, a Senior Associate at Marzano Research Lab, and a faculty trainer for International ASCD.  She is co-author of The Future is Now: Shifts and Trends That are Redefining Organizations, Careers, and Life and Total Leaders:  A Leadership Curriculum used by the Pennsylvania Leadership Development Consortium.

One of seven children, Bea assumes many family roles with enthusiasm.  She has been married to her husband, her best friend and mentor, Richard (a former school principal and current Maine lobsterman) for 31 years.  Three children, four grandchildren, and nineteen nieces and nephews prove Bea's theory that all children are born with an inherent will and motivation to learn.  Creating learning environments which do not extinguish this natural drive has been her mission.

Her hobbies and interests include spending leisure time with all those "babies" in her family, reading and studying - with Chuck - the latest literature about leadership and the future, hiking and learning to play golf with Richard...during which they "pretend to compete," yet each secretly hope the other does better!

Bea has the best of both worlds spending eight months enjoying the beautiful coast and culture of  her native Maine and four months appreciating the desert and mountains of Arizona.  She can be reached at 207.767.2243 and